Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services (SFBFS) is committed to elevating those within our community by respectfully welcoming individuals from all backgrounds and offering tools to build a brighter future. Adult Education opens the road for adults learning English, pursuing secondary education, improving technology skills and seeking employment. Dedicated volunteers and staff deliver hope, offer innovative solutions and work closely with adults 18 years of age and older, helping them achieve their personal goals. 

Career Development

Students build resumes, perform job search, build additional technology skills, practice interview techniques and attend job fairs to improve their career prospects. To set up an appointment with a member of our career development team, please contact Shay Smith at (916) 456-1980 x 7634. 


Adults who are new to technology or just looking for a refresher are invited to attend free classes such as Welcome to the World of Computers, Beyond Basics and Intro to Internet. Talented volunteers in our community lead classes in an effort to build students confidence and familiarity with technology. Classes are offered in English and Spanish and range from typing basics to Microsoft Excel. To register for the next course, contact Shay Smith at (916) 456-1980 x 7634.

Adult Basic Education

Students looking to further their education are welcome to study during the daytime or evenings with talented and patient volunteer tutors. Sacramento Food Bank & Family Services' (SFBFS) staff offer assessments to best determine a successful starting place for each student. Volunteers work at the student's pace to help him or her achieve their goals. SFBFS helps prepare adult learners for the High School Equivalency tests, GED and HiSET. Orientation for all Adult Basic Education courses is offered every Thursday at 1 p.m. at the Education & Technology Center (3308 Third Avenue). If you have any questions, please contact Max Villalva at (916) 456-1980 x 7641. 

English as a Second Language

Adults wishing to improve their English, may attend free classes during the day or evening at our Family Services campus in Oak Park. Volunteers lead five different levels of ESL and SFBFS also offers a language lab with Rosetta Stone. To learn more about ESL, please contact Max Villalva at (916) 456-1980 x 7641 and visit our Client Calendar to view upcoming ESL orientations that are scheduled.


Individuals studying for the USCIS Naturalization Interview are invited to join a free 8-week course. If you have questions, please contact Jenifer Call at (916) 456-1980 ext. 7644. 


Volunteers and staff prepare youth for preschool and kindergarten through SFBFS’ Playcare. Services are available to children ages 1 – 3 for parents enrolled in Adult Education or ages 1 – 5 for parents enrolled in Parent Education. This portion of Youth Education is not open enrollment, but a service available to parents who are on-site in Adult Education or Parent Education.